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  • Fiona The best reader you will ever find. Down to earth, so spot on you will be freaked out, doesn’t waffle on with rubbish that makes no sense.Compassionate, friendly
    Awesome and very in depth. Put them California psychics to shame🤣
    Fiona once you have a reading with Luan you won’t go anywhere else. She is the best.
    Fay My readings have been truthful, spot on, in-depth and never vague crap leaving you utterly confused
    JodieAccurate professional and the true real deal. Luan is precise to the point good or bad just simply the truth.
    Anna-LisaI've only ever had 1 reading and you were spot on and I've used your reading to support myself through tuff times thanks Luan Heslin you rock xx
    Karen Every reading with Luan has been accurate and completely the truth. Not fluff and not guessing, she always tells me what I need to know.
    Jessilyn Luan is very honest with her readings and I would highly recommend her to everyone. She goes over and beyond and is very caring too.
  • Jen I can not explain the thanks I have for Luan. The amount of patience and talent she has is amazing. I have been part of her groups for about a year and I love every aspect of them even though I haven’t the time to dive as deep as I want. Luan is always available to ask questions.

Penny Neale
 14 weeks ago
The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.
Lucid Angel's Wonderland (owner)
7 weeks ago
Thank you beautiful! Have wondered how you are going just recently. Take care and welcome any time xo
Janelle Gaskell
 21 weeks ago
I have had a few readings with Luan, each reading has been in depth and accurate. Luan goes into great detail and prides... More
Lucid Angel's Wonderland (owner)
7 weeks ago
Aww thanks gorgeous lady! That means so much to me... hope you are going well! Must touch base with you xo
Luan is very accurate and I’m very lucky to have her read for me weekly
Genuine gifted legitamate pshycic . Beautiful soul. Very thorough reliable and honest reader. Have had readings done for numerous years and everything has been accurate. Luan is the real deal peoples.
What a beautiful soul! Honest, respectful, kind and I could tell, naturally gifted. Very happy with my reading and would recommend to others looking for guidance. Thank you Luan :)
Levi Gliddon
Feb 17, 2019
I follow Luan on Spiritual Soul Tribe on Facebook, I always look forward to her daily affirmations, card readings and... More
Lucid Angel's Wonderland (owner)
Feb 20, 2019
Thank you gorgeous! You are a complete pleasure - love having you in group. xo
I work two times with Luan, she is the best psychic medium I felt confident to work with, easy to communicate.
Have had a couple of readings and have been very helpful with insite
Debbie Yearsley
Oct 16, 2018
The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.
Lucid Angel's Wonderland (owner)
Nov 20, 2018
Thank you xo
Fiona Stewart
May 2, 2018
I found Luan a year ago on eBay and have had quite a few readings over the past 12 months and her accuracy blows me away every time. Luan treats clients as friends and delivers her readings in a empathic down to earth manner. Luan is a one of a kind and we are all so lucky to have access to her.
Lucid Angel's Wonderland (owner)
May 3, 2018
Thank you gorgeous lady and I am lucky to have such amazing clients - just like you! xo
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